Share KW Links

This page will help you add a link to your own site that will direct readers to this website (

Add a Link Via HTML Code

You will need to be able to edit or add HTML code to your page using this method. If your editor will only allow you to add text this will probably not work (see below for manual link creation).

<a href="" title="KW Links: Keller Williams Memorial Information Directory" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="KW Links Logo" /></a>

Manual Link Creation

If your web page editor will not allow you to edit the HTML but does have a method to allow you to add links yourself, use the following information to build a link.

  • Image URL:
    Rather than add text, please use this image. Please specify this image URL rather than downloading this image. You may have to add this image separately, before you add the link.
  • URL:
    This may be labeled Web Address, Source, or HREF rather than URL.
  • Title / Alt: KW Links: Keller Williams Memorial Information Directory
    It should ask you for a title or alt text for this link; Please use this.
  • Target: _blank
    You may be asked instead if you want the link to open in a new window/tab. Please select yes for that option.